When you buy insurance, there is a lot of jargon to understand. However, a deductible is a basic insurance that deserves to be known. Then, what is a deductible and why is it important to know how to use it? And how do deductibles work in your home, auto, and health insurance plans https://insuranceshopping.com/auto-insurance.php?We tell you everything you need to know about insurance deductibles and how you can get the most out of them.


What Is A Deductible?

When you are considering an insurance policy, a deductible is an amount you are responsible for in a claim, when and when you do it. The insurance company will deduct this number from the total amount of the insurance claim paid. The higher your deductible, the lower the premiums you pay for the insurance itself (you pay premiums every month or year to get insurance coverage). In fact, he assumes greater financial responsibility when he makes a claim. And the insurance company doesn’t pay much, which means they can afford to charge you less monthly premiums. If you take out insurance for your car or your home, you will see the amount of your deductible in the summary of your insurance policy.

How Does A Deductible Work?

Basically, a deductible works like this: Let’s say you have a $ 500 deductible for your auto insurance. You have a little problem and need to file a claim with your insurance company. The company approves your claim, which applies to repairs valued at $ 2,000. It is your responsibility to pay $ 500 for repairs as this is your policy deductible. The insurance company does the rest, in this case, $ 1,500. Sounds easy, right?

How Does A Deductible With Health Insurance Work?

Health insurance is a little different from other types of insurance when it comes to deductibles. In addition to a fixed deductible in US dollars, there may be other personal expenses such as additional payments and coinsurance in addition to the deductible. How can you save money with a deductible? Now the good news! In general, a great way to save on your insurance premiums is to increase the amount of your deductible. This means that you will pay more than the cost of a possible insurance claim, but also that you will pay less for these monthly or annual premiums.