There are always new discounts on the market or they change. It is important to have a good communication relationship with your agent so that you are aware of the new discounts and can take advantage of them and also talk to your agent once a year.

auto insurance


According to Duncan, specific discounts for auto insurance vary by insurer. However, it may be helpful to collect the following documents to help you save money:

House Title:

Some insurers offer discounts on homeownership, so proving that you own your home can lead to discounts, says Duncan.

Teen drivers can benefit from good grade discounts. So bring this certificate with you if you have a B grade or better and also keep your agent up to date on your grades. Send us your certificates every year. Communicate with your kids and tell them how much you save with your great grades.

Driver Training Courses:

Here’s another boost for young drivers: potentially lower insurance premiums with proof (as required by your insurance company) that you have taken an insurance training course, said Insurance Information. Institute.

Defensive Driving Course:

Some insurers offer discounts on defensive driving course tests (no courses taken following an accident). If you’ve chosen to drive defensively to improve your driving pleasure, bring the evidence with you, says Duncan. “Bring your defensive driving diploma.”


Are you a member of military or road assistance programs? Does your employer offer discounts on auto insurance if you are a member? Bring proof of membership in these categories and you can benefit from discounts, says Duncan.

According to Duncan, many new auto insurance discount programs involve managing paperless accounts, automatic premium withdrawals, or multiple policies with the same insurer. There are so many discounts, but the most recent and the most important one concerns the management of grouped and paperless policies. The more fonts you have in the company, the more you save. But also to save money and save Green money will give more discounts now when it comes to getting out of the paper. “


Be sure to read all existing policies and documents to understand your benefits and coverage.