Protecting your family and property is a priority, so people are insured. Individual insurance is a type of insurance with which another insurance policy, e.g. B. car or household insurance, additional liability insurance.

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Personal umbrella insurance, sometimes called umbrella insurance, is designed to protect you from major and potentially devastating liability claims or litigation. General personal coverage comes into play when your underlying liability limits (for example, auto or homeowner’s insurance) have been reached.


General insurance can benefit almost everyone. In fact, accidents that involve high costs can happen to anyone. A general insurance policy can help you avoid paying someone else’s medical or legal bills out of pocket if you are held responsible. Suppose you are responsible after a guest is injured while swimming in your pool or playing on your patio. Or let’s say you are responsible for a car accident that hurts someone else. A general insurance policy can help you cover the resulting costs up to the limit of your policy in such situations.

General insurance also extends to other members of your household, e.g. B. Your spouse, children, and other family members who live in your home and do not have auto or property insurance on their behalf. If your spouse causes a car accident or if your child is sued for posting a slanderous comment online, your general insurance policy can also help protect the child.

Your agent can answer questions about who can and cannot cover your policy.


Here is an example of how personal roof insurance works: if you are responsible for a car accident that injures another driver, your regular car insurance can cover the other driver up to the limit you choose, for example, the US $250,000. Dollar. But what if this limit is not sufficient to cover the other driver’s medical expenses?

If the other driver’s injuries are serious, you may be legally liable for damages over $ 250,000 that are covered by your auto insurance. And if he sues you, your personal fortune could be at stake. Imagine that the injured driver was a surgeon or other highly paid professional. What to do if the accident you caused resulted in an injury that prevented you from working for six months? He suddenly sues you for a million dollars to cover the six months he is unemployed.

Liability insurance for your automobile policy can reach $350,000. Where would you get the remaining $850,000 from? Personal roof insurance can help cover additional costs if your standard insurance is insufficient. A message line could provide the extra coverage you need so you don’t get stuck and try to pay the balance yourself. This additional policy can help protect your bank account, home, and other personal property.

In most cases, general personal directives are available in multi-million dollar increments, from 1 to 5 million dollars. Although a general directive is not required, it can offer better protection in the event of an unfortunate accident.


Although personal roof insurance is designed to cover costs if you are responsible for damage to someone else’s property, this coverage generally does not apply if it causes damage to your property. Suppose your tub overflows and destroys the drywall of your home. Your own damage would be excluded from coverage. However, if the overflow destroys your neighbors’ property on the ground floor, your personal roof insurance policy can cover damage caused by your negligence and prevent you from paying for the loss of your pocket. However, it is important to note that general insurance benefits will not take effect until the underlying policy limits have been exhausted.