A personal message protects you (the policyholder) and members of your household if you are held responsible for a covered incident. This usually includes your spouse, loved ones, and any other family member who lives with you.

A general insurance policy offers optional liability coverage that goes beyond your auto and home insurance coverage.

A tenant’s flood insurance does not cover damage to the house or the rented apartment. The owner would need separate flood insurance to cover the physical structure of their rental property. However, your personal roof insurance may not cover someone in your home who has auto or property insurance on their behalf or with another insurer. For example, your child may be excluded from his general policy if he has tenant insurance in an apartment near his university campus. (You may want to consider your personal policy.) Your mother, who lives with you all day, may not be included in your policy if you have your own auto insurance. Be sure to speak to your agent about possible exclusions to find out who exactly is included in your policy.

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Personal roof insurance coverage generally goes beyond incidents at home, even when traveling abroad. For example, if your car slips on the ice and damages another vehicle, your general insurance policy is likely to cover damage that exceeds the limits of your automobile insurance policy (within the limits of your general insurance coverage).

Your general insurance policy can also help you protect something that is not covered by your home or vehicle insurance policy. For example, if your husband is renting a snowmobile during the winter vacation and is involved in an accident resulting in property damage and injury, his general policy can help pay for costs or repairs. and injured individual medical bills, even if you don’t have RV insurance.

General insurance coverage can go beyond physical damage and provide financial support (within specified limits) if you are sued for defamation or libel. If your teenager’s strong opinion about a social media business leads to legal action, a general policy will likely help cover legal fees and pay fines or damages if necessary.

Please note that not everything is covered by a personal message line, whether you are inside or outside your home. Your personal and business items are unlikely to be covered, even if you are homeless. Talk to your agent to find out who and what exactly covers your general guidelines and ask if you should consider additional coverage.