If you get stopped because you are driving too fast, you might be wondering if speeding is affecting your confidence. The answer is probably: yes, express tickets can add to the amount you pay for auto insurance. Parking tickets are considered part of your driving record. Insurance companies can look at your driving history and use that information to determine the risk of an accident or insurance claim. The perception that you are more at risk of having an accident because of traffic violations on your driving record can affect the cost of your insurance.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), the more traffic violations you have, the more likely it is that insurance costs will increase. Drivers who receive parking tickets may be classified as a higher risk group and will therefore be charged more for auto insurance even if they have not made a claim themselves, according to the National Association of insurance commissioners. . If you have too many risky behaviors, such as B. A large number of moving policy violations, your insurer may even decide not to renew your policy, says III.

The amount of your auto insurance increases after a traffic ticket varies from one insurance company to another. Some factors to consider are:

  • Your driving history so far
  • When the fine was the first offense
  • Duration since your last violation

How many miles per hour did you exceed the speed limit?

Place where the offense was committed


In addition to potentially increasing your auto insurance rates, a parking ticket can have other effects on your auto insurance:

Less Cost Reduction Over Time.

If you get multiple tickets or traffic violations, you may not reduce your insurance costs. In general, explains III, experienced drivers are likely to pay less for auto insurance. However, speeding up tickets and misusing driving can reduce or even eliminate any benefits you get from the driving experience.

Loss Of Standard Coverage.

If your history of accidents and traffic violations is serious enough, you may not be able to find a private insurance company that offers auto insurance coverage, says III. If traditional insurance companies don’t offer you coverage due to train tickets or other infractions, you may be able to purchase insurance through a government risk plan. Check with your insurance department to see if a risk plan (sometimes called a risk mapped plan) is available where you live.


If you’ve received a parking ticket, you can take steps to lower the cost of auto insurance.

Focus On Safe Driving.

Above all, drive carefully! According to III, the better your driving experience, the lower your premium. Even if you have a traffic ticket, avoiding more can help lower the cost of your auto insurance.

Consider Changing Your Coverage.

If your auto insurance premiums have increased, you may be able to reduce those costs by changing your coverage. Whether this option is right for you depends on your personal insurance needs. Your insurance agent can provide more information to help you make a decision about your insurance coverage.

Take a safe driving course.

In some states, you can also reduce your premium by taking a defensive driving or accident prevention course. For example, in New York City, insurers are required to give drivers who have taken a state-approved accident prevention course a discount on auto insurance, according to the New York State Department of Financial Services. York.

Some insurers cannot increase premiums after a traffic violation if the driver is over 25 and has not committed a similar violation in the past three years. So when you have a ticket, focus on driving safely and avoid another traffic violation.

Speeding tickets can affect the cost of your auto insurance. Insurers can review driving records and consider drivers with rapid tickets.