We all know that all we want is to go home and relax in that cozy bed in our homes at the end of the day. It is that precious space for all of us. We decorate it the way we want and make sure that every element has a personal touch. With that in mind, we also get concerned about its maintenance and security. An excellent way to ensure this is to get a home insurance policy. Home insurance allows you to get coverage if there is any damage or any other issue in the house. You might be aware of these everyday things that a typical policy covers; however, here is a list of things that your home insurance policy covers but you might not know about it; 

Dog Bites

There is no one as loyal as a dog. Dogs are human’s best friends, and those who have one can agree to this. We just can’t stop loving them. With all the love comes the responsibility of having one. As much as the dogs like cuddling with you, they also like biting the stuff they see around. Having a dog means getting dog bites and scratches and maybe some other damage. But worry not because you should know that in case your dog has done any damage to the property, you have got it covered. Your home insurance policy typically does give you coverage in case you have a pet. So, make sure you have got one!

Volcanic Eruptions

While it might not be a problem for many but people living in states with volcanoes, volcanic eruptions realize the importance of this particular part. Other natural disasters require additional coverage or hazard insurance policy, but surprisingly volcanic eruptions get covered under the home insurance policy quote. Volcanic eruptions can cause massive loss to the property, be it the hot lava or ash layers. All these losses will be reimbursed, so make sure that these terms and conditions are clear. 

Falling Objects

Just like how an apple fell on Newton’s head, there are possibilities of any object falling onto your house. Be it planes, drones, or anything from space. No matter how small or huge they are, these objects can cause a lot of damage considering the speed with which they can hit the home. If any such thing happens, you should stay calm and handle things with patience, as your home insurance covers all the losses.

Damaged Caused By Riot/Attacks

One can try their best to ensure their homes’ safety and security, but you can not guarantee what is happening outside, in the city. So, in case there are riots or any terrorist attacks or similar activities that might cause damage to your house, you should know that it gets covered under the home insurance policy quote.

Identity Theft

It is a prevalent issue. If someone has stolen your identity and has been using it to commit crimes, it gets even worse. With all that tension of figuring out the matter, one gets worried about the loss and the money spent on legal issues. So to make you feel better, you should know that your home insurance does cover identity theft to some extent!

Was the list surprising or no? I am sure some of these things were completely surprising and new to you. This article should be enough to let you know how helpful and right home insurance is. So, now that you have got another reason to be convinced about getting a home insurance policy quote, then what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!