Over time, the use of cars daily has increased. The more time you drive a vehicle, the more chances you getting into an accident. Accident means injuries and damage to the car and hence filing all the claims. These claims can bundle up your insurance, which is why you should try your best to avoid them. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of some common claims ad how you can avoid them; 

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions one of the most common reasons behind insurance claims. The majority of the time, these claims can be avoided, but a small act of negligence can often lead to filing a claim against it. You can prevent these collisions by;

  • Maintaining a reasonable distance between your car and the other car. This is a fundamental rule that should be followed anyway. It makes things easier in seasons like winters when cars don’t have a good enough grip on the roads. Cars usually take longer than usual in winters to stop. 
  • When there is a lot of congestion, or the cars are very close, keep your speed slow. Avoid slamming the brakes when the other driver is driving too close. There are high chances of the other driver not spying enough attention, and as a result, the sudden brake can easily lead to a rear-end collision. Also, be very attentive when driving in such proximity. Often a small distraction can also lead to a significant accident very easily. 

Parked Car Collisions 

Another prevalent type of claim filed is parked car collisions. Often, the cars can hit and run in a blink of a second in the parking lot. You can avoid these collisions by;

  • Trying to find a space far from a busy area. This way, although you will have to walk towards the destination, parking in a more settled and less busy street will benefit the car. This will avoid dents and any other small damages. 
  • Every parking space usually has lines designated especially for each car. Everyone should make sure that they park their vehicles in that space so that everyone gets equal and the right amount of space, and it doesn’t get very congested for the other vehicle. This also points out that you should leave some adequate space between your car and the other one so that there are no such chances of even small collisions. 

Theft In A Parked Vehicle

A prevalent issue that is often reported is theft in parked vehicles. No matter where you park, there are still chances of theft in the area. To avoid this;

  • Do not leave any valuables in the car. Ensure that you take all your essential belongings with you, like your laptop, wallet, or other stuff. This is because there are high chances of the thief breaking any glass or playing around with the lock to get the things from there. 
  • Make sure that your car is locked correctly. It is the least that you can do on your part. 

Single Car Collisions Or Accidents

Another leading cause of claims is single-vehicle collisions or crashes. This can happen due to any weather conditions, being drunk while driving, or similar issues. To avoid these;

  • Make sure that you are keeping a check on weather conditions before you go for a drive. This will help you be prepared or maybe avoid the trip entirely if possible. 
  • Make sure that you are paying total attention to the road. Avoid using a phone, even if the road is empty. Also, avoid drink and drive situations. It is good that you enjoyed the party with your friends, but this can cost you your life, so avoid this at all costs. 

No matter how safely you drive, there are chances of accidents as long as you are on the roads. All you can do is play your part wherever possible to cover small issues or mistakes. So if there is a collision, you can contact your auto insurance provider for coverage. So, go find one if you don’t have one already.