Life insurance, be it term or whole, is supposed to ensure your loved ones’ financial security and safety in your absence. However, under certain circumstances, it might not work that way. There are some terms and conditions based on how you die. Term life insurance is a very affordable option as it lasts for a specific period that typically lasts from 10 to 30 years. If you die during these years, your family will get the death benefit amounts. However, not every cause of death gets a payout. So here is a list of types of deaths that are not covered by term life insurance; 

Murder Of The Policyholder

One would never even want to think about this, but we can not ignore the possibility. When it comes to the murder of the policyholder, there are two cases to look at; first is the involvement of the beneficiaries in the murder, and second is the involvement of the policyholder in any criminal activity during which they got murdered. If investigations are carried out, and your nominated beneficiary turns out to be your murderer, then obviously, they won’t receive the payout. In such cases, paying out indeed gets very complicated and takes a lot of time. 

Dangerous Hobbies

When determining insurance quotes rates, a significant factor is the risks involved in anything covered under the policy. So, suppose your death was due to involvement in any risky activities like any sports activities that possess a lot of risk or any other recreational activities you regularly get involved in. There are high chances that your beneficiaries might not get the death benefits to payout in that case. Often, many insurance providers take a closer look at your activities and may ask you to get additional coverage because of the risks involved. However, the best thing to do is to get proper clarification regarding terms and conditions in such cases. 


Typically, suicide is covered under your life insurance policy; however, there are some special terms and conditions for that case. A clause is mostly mentioned in all life insurance policies that the beneficiaries will get the death benefits payout if the policyholder doesn’t commit suicide in the first two years after signing up for the policy. This rule exists because policyholders can not just immediately commit suicide after signing up for the policy quote. Also, the policy for suicide is very complicated, as it closely examines the reasons for suicide. So when signing up, you should get proper clarifications from your provider. 

Lying Or Fraud

When filling out the application, you should be very honest about all your details, be it the medical conditions or any risky activities you are generally involved in. If you lie about any of these things, and in case you die because of these reasons, your provider can deny your beneficiaries from death benefits payout. So the best thing to do in this regard is to be very straightforward and honest about all the issues and possible problems so that there are no surprises for your family in the end when you aren’t there. 

A key takeaway for you is getting any insurance policy to be fully aware of the terms and conditions of the policy you are signing up for. When getting a fair and affordable life insurance policy quote, make sure that you know which types of deaths are being covered and which are not. This will be helpful for your beneficiaries in the long term. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get a good life insurance policy quote for you and your loved ones and stay secure!