Home insurance is one of the essentials as it provides you with coverage in times of need. It might sound very complicated and expensive, but in reality, it is not. It ensures coverage for your house to make it more safe and secure. However, your home insurance policy quote might not be covering everything that you have in your house. This is why it is recommended to go through your policy correctly to make sure you know about your coverage. In case you are new to this, here is a list of things that are not typically covered in your home insurance policy;


Usually, some disasters are covered by a home insurance policy but not all. One such natural disaster is flooding. People often think that they are being substituted for the damage caused by flood; however, that isn’t the truth. You need to get additional coverage, often known as hazard insurance, along with your typical home insurance policy to ensure that your house is being covered for the damage that occurred due to floods. 

Damage Due To Lack Of Maintenance

When getting a new house or getting it remodeled, you should know that the work doesn’t end there. You need to keep your home maintained throughout time. If there are any such issues caused due to lack of maintenance like termites, the formation of molds, or other similar things, this damage is not covered by your standard home insurance policy. So make sure that you are taking proper care of your house at all times. 


It might sound strange, but your valuables like jewelry might not be covered fully under the home insurance policy. As per general rules, your valuables are protected to a particular value of money and not entirely. This is the reason why you should get the details confirmed with your provider in this regard. You will have to get additional coverage to get all your valuables covered. 

Sewer Backups 

A sewer backup can damage your house more than you can think of. It is usually a result of the old sewage systems and pipes installed or the trash of leaves and other such issues. In case you are facing this issue in the house, then keep in mind that it is not covered under your home insurance policy quote. You will have to look into additional converge or particular coverage options for this. 


As mentioned earlier, mostly the damage caused due to natural disasters is not covered in your home insurance policy. So, earthquakes are not covered under your home insurance policy quote. To get the coverage in this regard, you will have to either look into hazard insurance or separate and additional insurance policy coverage options. 


If you are planning to get some construction done at your house or any renovations, keep in mind that you are not getting any coverage from your current home insurance policy if there is any damage to the house. Usually, home insurance doesn’t cover the house under construction, so you will have to add it. 

Home insurance comes in very handy when you want to ensure your house’s safety and security in times of need. It is often considered to be very tricky or not affordable; however, the truth is that you need to understand it in detail to learn more about it. It generally covers most of the house, however; there are a few things that are not covered in your typical home insurance policy quote. So make sure that you are not unaware of this and hence take action accordingly!