Diabetes is a prevalent disease around the world. Due to our current lifestyle, around 34.2 million Americans have diabetes. If you are one of them and are worried about getting the life insurance policy or not, then relax; this is for you! Many people think that being diabetic might result in them being denied a fair and affordable life insurance policy quote; however, the reality is very different. If you have controlled diabetes, there are many policy quotes available for you. The quotes might be a bit more costly for you, but you can apply for them. So if you are still not sure about it, here is all you need to know about life insurance for diabetic patients; 

Can A Diabetic Patient Get A Life Insurance Policy? 

As long as you have your diabetes in control, you can apply for life insurance. However, considering your age, medical conditions, and diabetes type, the quotes’ rates will be slightly higher than the normal ones. Some patients have to make frequent hospital visits as their diabetes is not under control or they have other medical conditions that can worsen diabetes. They might be denied getting a life insurance policy quote. 

What Factors Affect The Policy Quote?

The rate and chances of getting a life insurance policy depend on age, current health conditions, weight and fitness routine, type of diabetes, time of diagnosis, and other factors.

Age is a significant factor, generally in life insurance. For example, older people usually pay more for insurance as they are at a higher risk of diseases and, ultimately, death. 

For the types of diabetes, type 1 is more severe and the mortality is higher than the other kind. If you get insurance with type 1, you will have to pay more for premiums than type 2. Type 2 is more manageable, with a lower mortality rate. Hence it is easier for the patients to find affordable policy quotes. 

Your weight and exercise routine matter if you are obese and also diabetic. This is the reason why your insurance provider will take a closer look at your routine and how much effort you put in. Being obese means that you are at a higher risk of developing complex medical conditions; therefore, it serves as an implant factor when determining policy rates.

How To Find A Good Quote?

In general and in such a specific case, the key to finding the best quote is to look around, do market surveys, and research. Do not stick to the first reasonable offer you see. Make sure that you look for multiple options. Find some good reviews about them and then make your decision accordingly. Also, make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the policy correctly. Your case is a bit different, and so are the procedures. So good communication with the provider is the way to go.

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, make sure that you are managing the disease well. The better the management is, the higher your chances of finding affordable life insurance policy quotes. You can choose whatever type of insurance you want but keep in mind that premiums will be a bit higher than regular policy rates. In general, anything that adds a risk factor in your life will directly affect your life insurance policy quote. This is the reason why you should work on a good fitness routine and try managing your disease as much as you can. You should not stop trying; make sure you are doing proper market research to get the best quotes available.