The pandemic has taken over the world like anything. Everyone is suffering in some or another way. What we all have learned is that health is wealth. It is very important to take care of your health at times like this when we all are at a lot of risk. It is also important to take care of other family members, especially kids. When kids are growing up, they do not have a lot of immunity, which is why they can be at risk of developing different diseases. To get a better knowledge about them, here are some of the most common diseases in children that you should know about; 

Common Cold/Flu 

Just as the name suggests, it is very common among kids. Although nowadays, symptoms like congestions, cough, fever, or sore throat might look like it is the coronavirus but not necessarily. Common cold has these symptoms too. It can happen multiple times in a year. It is better to get a flu shot to protect you against the disease. This way, your body builds some level of immunity against it. 

Ear Pain

Ear pain frequently affects children and can be because of many different reasons, such as ear infections, sinus diseases, or swimmer’s ear. Ear infections can be treated with antibiotics and usually heal quickly, but if left untreated can lead to perforation of the eardrum and hearing loss. Recurrent ear infections can also affect speech development and hearing in young children. 


Asthma affects millions of children in the United States. It is a disease in which common triggers such as smoke, air pollution, and mold, etc. can cause the lungs and airways to get inflamed, making it difficult to breathe. Patients often require medications delivered via inhalers to help their breathing. Children who have asthma can sometimes need stronger medicines such as steroid tablets if their symptoms are not adequately controlled with inhalers. It is also important to limit their exposure to these triggers and follow up with the doctors regularly.


Pink eye occurs when the transparent layer lining the eye gets inflamed. It can be because of allergies, bacterial or viral infections. Apart from redness, it is associated with pain, yellow or colorless discharge, and sticky eyelids; the vision is usually spared. It can spread from one person to another quickly. Affected individuals are advised to wash their hands frequently to avoid its transmission. Medications are also often given to help with the pain. 

Pinworms and Parasites

Pinworms are parasites that reside in the intestines and lay eggs near the child’s anus at night, causing intense itching. Children often spread it to their family members if they scratch their bottoms and do not wash their hands. Many gut parasites feast on the meals consumed by the affected child and cause nutrient depletion and growth delays. Pinworms can be treated very effectively by administering anti-parasite drugs and maintaining good hand hygiene. 

Growing up, kids are more prone to these illnesses, but a good diet and care will help them get through this. Apart from taking care, being on the safe side ensures that you have a good and affordable health insurance policy quote. Through a health insurance policy, you will get to have free screenings, vaccinations, and doctor’s appointments at affordable rates. Medical bills can cost a lot. So it is better to be on the safe side by having a good policy. You can shop around, do some market research, and compare the rates. This way, you can find a suitable quote for you and your family. Stay healthy, stay happy!