A life insurance policy is one of the must-haves now. No one would want their loved ones to struggle financially when they are unavailable. This is why death benefit and cash value account options provided by life insurance are so helpful and in demand. However, to get the best life insurance policy quote, there are certain things you need to be careful about. If you are not, then you might get denied. To make things easier for you, here is a list of reasons why you might get rejected for a life insurance policy;

Risky Activities 

It is all fun to be an adventurer, be it going sky diving, scuba diving, car races, and whatnot. However, these activities might land you in trouble by not only being super risky but also getting denied when you apply for life insurance policy quotes. Life insurance policy quotes are expensive or not available for people at significant risk of being dead. This is the reason why being an adventurer might be the reason you get denied for the life insurance policy you need. 

Drug Use

Drugs are very commonly used, especially among young ones. Although being young and healthy makes it easier for people to find the best policies, being addicted to drugs might make things worse for you. Some drugs are legal but for the other ones, you will straight away get a rejection. So to get a good policy quote, you will have to maintain a drug-free record. 


For you to pay premiums, there should be money in your account. If you don’t have enough money or have a bad credit score, you might be easily denied getting the policy. Life insurance policy has a component called death benefit along with a cash value account in some types. These components give your family the financial support they will need in your absence. If your income is low, your provider will be very skeptical about how you will pay all the premiums. 

Health And Wellness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will not only protect you from diseases but will also land you with an excellent and affordable life insurance policy. This is the reason why people who are obese or have heart or liver-related problems often find it hard to get a good policy quote, or at times, they end up not having one. This is because such patients are at a higher risk of death and hence the claims. So you will have to adopt a healthy lifestyle to get a policy. 


As mentioned previously, drugs, an unhealthy lifestyle, or risky extracurricular activities are some of the reasons you might get denied a life insurance policy. Another one on the list is alcoholism. It is the case for people who are alcoholics as their liver functions can prove this. Alcoholism has severe impacts on your health and overall lifestyle, so becoming sober is the only way to get a good policy quote. 

Life insurance is often looked upon as a very complicated policy; however, it is straightforward if you understand it. The more you are involved in risky activities, the greater your chance of getting denied the policy. This is why maintaining a good record, whether medical history, driving, drugs, or alcohol, or generally, will always help you. In any case, always do some market research and surveys before buying any quote. Make sure that your provider is verified and is reasonable too. So what are you waiting for? Go and start the research now!