Tornadoes are very common in the United States. According to a rough estimate, around 1.000 tornadoes touch down in the United States every year. This means that a massive amount of loss happens to many people, that the count can go up to millions and billions. This disaster might be severe in terms of occurrence in the central U.S, but that doesn’t mean it is confined there only. All the states are affected by these tornadoes; however, the frequency and intensity are different. So, keeping these facts and situations in mind, you should make sure that you have all the arrangements made in case such a disaster hits home. By arrangement, it also means that you should check your home insurance coverage and see if you are all sorted or not. If you are confused in this regard, then here is all you should know about tornadoes and coverage under a home insurance policy;  

Does Your Home Insurance Policy Cover Tornadoes?

The precise answer is yes. Unlike other natural disasters, tornadoes are covered under your typical home insurance policy quote. They are considered a form of wind damage by companies and hence provided coverage accordingly. It will cover damage to your home and personal belongings. 

Is The Coverage Enough?

The answer to this would be no. The home insurance policy usually provides minimal coverage when it comes to tornadoes. This is the reason why you should check the documents and see if you need more coverage. 

Apart from limited coverage, there are other exclusions as well. For example, if you live in an area where tornadoes concur frequently and the intensity is also more, then there are chances you might not be given coverage by default. You will have to look into the options of additional coverage and policies. 

What Type Of Coverage Or Policy Should Be Chosen?

The policy’s payment usually offers two options; the actual cash value of the damaged property or the replacement cost. The actual cost value pays the current depreciated value of the item rather than replacing it with another. It might save you some money now but will cost you more later when you make a claim. The better option to go with is reimbursement of the replacement cost. This way, you get your stuff replaced as per the current value. Considering your house might need significant repair or replacements, it better to have coverage that pays you as per the materials’ current rates. 

A tip in this regard would be to have a home inventory. Using a home inventory, you can record all the things you own along with their value and pictures. This way, it will be easy to make a claim and get coverage. There are various ways to make an inventory. You can use any application online or make it in a hard copy form. 

Tornadoes cause a lot of damage. The most significant risk you can take in this regard is being uninsured or underinsured. The costs of construction or any valuable items are increasing like anything. In times like these, when inflation is at its peak, the worst thing you can do is not checking or having a policy for coverage if any tornado hits your home. You are usually given coverage under your home insurance policy, but it might not be enough. So make sure that you check all the documents and understand the coverage being provided in this regard. In case of any confusion, contact your home insurance policy provider. So what are you waiting for? Go and check the documents now!