With an insurance healthcare plan, there comes an additional responsibility of taking care of your taxes. If you had a Marketplace insurance plan in 2021, you need several documents for your tax problems. Typically, you’ll need one form 1095-A, form 8952, premium tax credit, and health insurance marketplace statement.

It’s easy to fill out the forms, and your marketplace statement will help cover form 8952. There are several instructions to use form 1095-A. Let’s see how to fill it.

How Can You Use Form 1095-A?

  • The 1095-A form contains all the information regarding health plans that anyone from your household may have in 2021. Therefore, you should always make sure that the form is accurate. However, it’s ideal to call the Marketplace call center and wait for a corrected version if you suspect an issue with the form.
  • If you can’t find your form, make sure to check your marketplace online account thoroughly. If you file an incorrect version, you should get the correct version and file it with the IRS.
  • Some information on your 1095-A form can help you to fill out part two of the 8952 form.

How To File Taxes If I Didn’t Have A 2021 Plan?

You can visit the official IRS or marketplace website to learn about the process of healthcare. Nevertheless, if you’re on the hunt to find the best possible plan according to your budget, InsuranceShopping.com is your go-to solution.