As soon as your income or household situation changes while you are enrolled in a Marketplace plan, make sure to update your application with the new information. These changes may impact your coverage or savings. If you don’t report them, you may be eligible for more savings or be required to pay the money back when you file your 2021 taxes.

How to Report Changes in Income and Household Composition

• By updating your application, you can notify the Marketplace of any modifications. Check to see which changes need to be reported.

• You can only make changes to your application online, by phone, or in person; you cannot make changes through the mail.

• Learn how to make changes to your application online.

What to Do if You’re Relocating

·   If you have relocated to a new address within the same state, you should update your application online.

·   Suppose you have relocated to a different state, you should begin a new application in your new state:

1. If you relocate to a new state, you will not be able to carry over your existing plans from your previous state.

2. Notify your insurance provider if you are moving out of state to enroll in a new plan without a coverage gap and avoid paying for coverage that is not applicable in your new state.

·   See what you should do if you decide to relocate out of state.

More information on notifying the Marketplace of changes can be found here.