Imagine one day you come to your home only to see a deadline or warning notice from the IRS? No one would like that. Therefore, if you have an insurance health plan, always be on the lookout for the taxation documents, for you don’t need to suffer the repercussion of missing the deadline. Most commonly, you’ll receive the documents by mail.

The documents will include Form 1085-A and the health insurance statement. Before moving forward, check out the documents for accuracy. Once you’re certain that the documents are accurate, keep the forms with necessary records such as W-2 forms. Sometimes, it can happen that you may not find the 1095-A online.

If you’re stressing about not finding Form 1095-A, follow these guidelines to find the form online.

How to Find Form 1095-A Online?

You can check your Healthcare government account to find your form if you didn’t receive it. Follow the following steps:

  • Log in to your government healthcare account.
  • Navigate to the “Existing Applications” website and select the 2021 application. Keep in mind to select the 2021 application and not 2022.
  • Select tax forms on the left menu.
  • Download the 1095-A forms and other statements.

If it’s not there, call your insurance provider.

What to do With Form 1095-A?

Without this form, you can’t file for your federal taxes. It’s important to reconcile your form by checking the difference between the 2021 premium tax credit and the actual credit you qualify for. Before doing anything, always ensure that the information is up to date and correct. If you previously filed the incorrect version, you might have to file an amended tax return with the new form.

Reconcile and Pay Earliest

Form 1095-A is an important piece of document, and any discrepancy may cost you to file a different form. It’s ideal to pay up early and free yourself from any trouble with tax authority regulations.

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