Summer is an excellent time to move. If you’ve just relocated to a new state, you can’t maintain your previous coverage and need to acquire a different insurance plan. To ensure you stay covered, notify your move to the Marketplace coverage as soon as possible. So, you can purchase a new health plan without a break in insurance coverage and avoid spending for coverage that you can’t use in your new state.

How to enroll in health insurance in your new state of residence

  • Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) are available to those who move to a new state. This means you may still enroll for different coverage or modify your current plan even though the yearly Open Enrollment Period has ended.
  • How you apply for a new plan will depend on whether your current state provides Marketplace insurances or work through its website. If your current state doesn’t support your old coverage, you can enroll in new health insurance coverage through your State’s agency. However, if they provide you the opportunity to change or renew your existing coverage, you can stick with it.

Check out insurance shopping for additional details on health insurance plans available in various states and get yourself registered as soon as possible.