The tax obligation day is right here! Don’t forget April 15, 2021, deadline to file 2020 tax liabilities and report your health insurance coverage. Regardless of how you obtained health coverage—whether through Marketplace health insurance, your work, or another source you must notify your 2020 insurance status to the IRS when filing income tax.

Get Step-By-Step Instructions And Tax Forms Based On Your Situation

  • You need to file government tax returns for 2021 even if you typically don’t report or your earnings are below the required level.
  • For instructions and forms based on your situation, pick your 2021 health insurance status. Your progress will depend on how you received health insurance last year.

Already Had Marketplace Coverage In 2021

If you and your household members had Marketplace insurance coverage in 2021, you could use the 1095-A Form to reconcile the premium tax obligation credit on your 2021 taxes.