Has your family, income, and job changed during this year? If your household changes while you’re enrolled in a 2021 Marketplace coverage, make sure you update your enrollment application as soon as possible. These modifications could affect your health insurance coverage as well as the savings you receive.

What Type Of Changes Do You Need To Report?

  • Changes that have an impact on your family size, such as getting married or separated or having a baby
  • Modifications in your household income, like securing a new job
  • Changes in your insurance coverage options, such as being eligible for Marketplace coverage or obtaining health insurance through a job

Precisely How To Report Significant Life Changes

  • Report any changes to the Marketplace insurance coverage by contacting your insurance agent.
  • An agent will inquire about any changes and ask you to submit a new enrollment form.
  • New notification of Marketplace eligibility will be sent to you if you report a life change. It will explain if you’re qualified for a Special Enrollment Period, which allows you to switch plans, save money, or enroll in a different type of insurance coverage.

So what are you waiting for? Find out more about your eligibility through insurance shopping and get a suitable plan now.