Starting in 2021, you can benefit from free preventive care services—such as vaccinations and physical examinations, which are available with your new Marketplace insurance plan.

What are preventive care services?

  • Preventive services are regular health care treatments that include check-ups, screening tests, and counseling to control diseases, illnesses, and other health conditions. These services would help diagnose diseases in their early stages when treatment works best.
  • Preventive care is accessible only when provided by your doctor or other insurers in your coverage network.
  • Search your insurance company website and examine their providers’ directory for different doctors, medical facilities, and other insurance agents you can contract with.
  • These preventive care facilities are available to everyone, including adults, children, and women.

Want To Enroll In Health Insurance Plan?

Various insurance companies offer complementary and other health facilities. So, if you have not enrolled in any health insurance plan yet, check out your options at insurance shopping.