The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that everyone six months and older take a flu shot each year. Your flu vaccine is provided free of cost from the insurer in your coverage plan’s network.

Things to know about the flu shots

i) Why get the flu shot: The flu vaccine helps keep you and individuals around you strong and healthy. According to CDC reports, getting the flu vaccination reduces the risk of grippe disease, visits to doctors, hospitalizations, missed school, and work.

ii) When you need to be vaccinated: It is good to get shot before influenza begins spreading in your neighborhood; thus, try to get a vaccine by the start of November. Flu infections are most common in autumn and winter.

iii) From where you get the flu shot: Getting the flu vaccine might be easier than you think. To register via insurance shopping, enter your postal or ZIP code and find a medical facility near you.

What does it cost?

Most health insurance plans offer a range of preventive treatments such as flu vaccines—without any cost if provided by a doctor or insurer in your plan’s network.