Congratulations graduates! Depending on where you want to go next in life, you may have a few alternatives for health insurance.

Three Ways Young Adults Can Get Health Insurance

i) Through A Special Enrollment Period

If your student health insurance plan expires, you move to a new state, or your living circumstances change, you may be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period to purchase Marketplace insurance for the rest of 2021.

ii) Under Your Parent’s Insurance Plan

If your parent’s health coverage plan includes dependents, you may generally be added to their plan and continue with it until you are 26. Before applying for this health insurance plan, be sure to check your eligibility thoroughly via our website.

iii) With Medicaid: If You Qualify

If you’re starting a business, working part-time, or not making enough cash, you might qualify for a Medicaid health insurance plan. If you’re eligible, you can begin receiving coverage at any time of the year. 

Apply Through Insurance Shopping

You can also get affordable health insurance coverage through insurance shopping. Our independent online agent can help you find the personalized health plans that work best for you. Visit our website insurance shopping to learn more about health insurance services