As you prepare for the next school year, don’t leave health insurance on your back-to-school checklist. Obtaining health insurance can be more convenient and accessible than you think. College students have several health insurance options; let’s take a look at them. 

Inquire About Student Health Coverage At Your College

  • If your school provides a student health insurance plan, it might be an easy way to buy basic insurance coverage. 
  • If you sign up for student insurance coverage, it will be considered eligible health insurance in most cases.

Remain On Your Parent’s Insurance If You’re Under The Age Of 26

  • If the parent’s health plan support dependents (whether they obtain coverage through Marketplace or job), you’re typically connected to their health plan and remain on it until you reach the age of 26.
  • Additionally, children can join or stay on their parent’s health insurance even if they are—married, attending school, financially stable, or living separately.

Buy Your Marketplace Plan

  • At Marketplace healthcare sites, you can find a wide range of health insurance plans and their pricing. Depending on your circumstances, you might be eligible for savings based on your earnings. Nevertheless, you will not be entitled to additional savings if you’re claimed as a tax dependent on the following year’s tax report.
  • You might be able to receive health insurance for the rest of 2021 if you enroll in the Special Enrollment Period (SEP).
  • If you don’t qualify for SEP, you can apply through Insurance Shopping for Marketplace health insurance starting November 1, 2021.