If you are qualified for a Special Enrollment Period to sign up or change insurance plans for 2022, you will be required to provide documents that confirm the event and qualifies you for this program.

Do I Need To Submit Documents Or Records?

  • You’ll find out whether you need to submit documents after you complete the enrollment form.
  • Instructions and details appear on the eligibility results screen and in a report, you can download or receive in the mail.
  • If your eligibility results don’t require you to fulfill these requirements, pick an insurance plan and sign up.

What Types Of Documents Can I Provide?

  • The documents are based on the events in your life. Make sure to check the list of documents that are required to complete the online registration process by reviewing your State agency website.
  • Follow all these instructions for documents completion and submit your enrollment application.

How Long Do I Have To Send The Documents?

  • Once you have selected a suitable insurance plan, you have 30 days to submit your documents.
  • No matter what plan you choose, the coverage won’t start until your eligibility is confirmed and you have made the first premium payment. Visit InsuranceShopping and verify your eligibility for the Special Enrollment Period.