Typically, each Marketplace plan must cover preventative treatments, essential health benefits, and pre-existing conditions. This is true for all program categories (all “metal degrees,” including Catastrophic strategies) and all plan types (like PPO and HMO). Starting November 1, 2021, you can sign up or renew the previous plan for 2021 to continue obtaining these benefits.

1) What Are The Essential Health Benefits?

  • Essential health benefits include medical professionals’ visits, hospitalizations, pregnancy, prescriptions, and much more.
  • All Marketplace plans cover these medical care services. Specific facilities covered in each broad benefit group may vary based upon your state’s requirements.

2) Is Treatment For My Pre-existing Medical Condition Covered?

  • All Medicare programs need to cover treatment and prescription for pre-existing medical conditions. This indicates no insurance coverage plan can refuse you, charge you more, or withhold spending on essential health services for any circumstance you had before your insurance coverage started.
  • If you’re pregnant when you enroll in Medicare program, an insurance coverage plan won’t refuse you or demand extra charges due to your pregnancy.

3) Are Preventative Care Services Included With Marketplace Coverage?

  • The Marketplace plans offer a set of preventive treatments, like vaccines and examination tests, which are easily accessible to you when provided by a medical professional in your plan’s network.
  • There are three groups of free preventive services available to children, women, and adults.

Consider Your Options

Marketplace health insurance can provide various other benefits, such as oral, vision, or medical management plans for specific diseases or conditions. You’ll find out precisely what each program offers when you compare different insurance plans. Check out insurance shopping and select a health insurance plan that meets your family’s needs.