Have you received a message from the Marketplace requesting documentation to verify your health insurance application information? If that’s the case, some of the information you gave on your application doesn’t match our records, such as your yearly income estimate, immigration status, or citizenship.

This implies that you must submit papers in order to fix the data matching problem (sometimes called an “inconsistency”). You risk losing your health insurance or receiving financial assistance to cover premium payments if you don’t.


5 suggestions for resolving a data matching problem

  1. Take action quickly. Before your health coverage and financial assistance may change or terminate, you normally have 90 days to remedy a data matching issue.
  2. Gather the necessary documents. The papers you can provide to correct a data matching issue will be listed on your notice.
  3. Send your docs in. You have two options for doing this: uploading them online or mailing a copy. The quickest way to send them to us is to upload them.
  4. Don’t let your insurance lapse. You could lose your health insurance coverage or pay a lot more if you don’t deliver the documentation by the time in the notice.
  5. Wait to hear if the problem has been resolved. You don’t need to transmit documents again if you’ve already sent them. We’ll send you a notice (usually a month after we get your papers) to tell you whether your data matching issue has been resolved or if more information is required.


Find out what to do if the Marketplace requests more information.