If your income or household has recently changed and you have a Marketplace health plan, you should disclose the substantial life change as quickly as possible.

Major life changes, such as a raise or decrease in income, the addition or removal of household members, or the acquisition of alternative health coverage, may have an impact on the health insurance or savings you’re qualified for.

You could owe more — or less — when you file your next federal tax return if you don’t record changes. To avoid surprises, keep your information up to date.


Why should you notify the Marketplace about changes?

  • If your income drops or you add a family member, you may be eligible for more savings than you currently have. This could result in cheaper monthly premiums. You might lose eligibility for Medicaid or CHIP and continue to overpay for a Marketplace plan if you don’t notify the change.
  • If your income rises or you lose a family member, you may be eligible for fewer savings than you are currently. If you fail to record the change in income, you may be required to repay the money when you complete your federal tax return for the year.

Do you want a clearer sense of how your funds might evolve in the future? Use the IRS’s premium tax credit calculator to see how your credit will change if your income or family size changes.


What to do if your salary changes or you have other key life events to report?