It’s easier than ever to get health insurance for your small business in 2022. For the first time, you can enroll in health insurance through the SHOP Marketplace for coverage beginning in January 2022. This step-wise guideline will show you how to register.


The following are just a handful of the advantages of purchasing coverage through the SHOP Marketplace.

  • Convenience: Find, compare, choose, and offer coverage to your employees.
  • Flexibility: Choose from a variety of health plans with varying levels of coverage to discover the best fit for you and your employees. In some areas, you can give your employees the option of choosing from any plan at any coverage level.
  • Tools and useful information: Find out if you’re eligible for SHOP and how much the small company healthcare tax credit could save you. Then, before deciding on a plan, look for and compare them.
  • Tax credits: You may be eligible for a tax credit of up to 50% of your contribution to employee premiums if you purchase coverage through the SHOP Marketplace and meet other requirements.


Regarding Employees

  • Are you new to the SHOP? You have options if your employer offers SHOP health insurance to you.
  • You would be eligible to enroll in SHOP coverage through your workplace in 2022 if you had SHOP coverage through your employer in 2021.
  • You have more options if you have job-based health insurance that isn’t from the SHOP Marketplace. If you have non-SHOP employer coverage, learn about your alternatives.