Don’t forget to file your 2021 taxes and report your insurance coverage before the April 1, 2022 deadline. When you file your taxes, you must inform your 2021 coverage status to the IRS, regardless of how you obtained health coverage — whether through the job, Marketplace, or another source.

Get Step-By-Step Instructions And Tax Information Here:

  • Select your health coverage status for the year 2021. The tax form you’ll use will be based on how you obtained your health insurance.
  • If you had 2021 Marketplace insurance, you would need to “reconcile” your taxes using Form 1095-A (also known as health insurance Marketplace statement).
  • Even if you do not typically have to file a government tax return, you are required to file if you purchased a 2021 Marketplace health insurance and got financial assistance with your premium expenses.

Tax Support

  • Review your state’s agency website to know about free volunteer tax assistance.
  • Also, use a tax software tool to help you prepare your tax reports.