Your quality of life and well-being are important and personal to you. So, you must have a medical professional with whom you can confide and share your health concerns.

Five Things To Ponder After Visiting A Doctor

  • Have all of your health needs been addressed?
  • Did the doctor take notice of your concerns?
  • Did the doctor respond to your questions clearly and reasonably?
  • Did the medical professional talk in a manner that made you feel comfortable?
  • Could you contact the physician and office staff if you have any further questions?

Steps To Follow

  • If you responded “Yes” to the questions mentioned above, you might have found a physician that is right for you.
  • However, if your answer is “No” to any of these questions—do you believe the physician would make adjustments if you spoke out? Sometimes requesting what you need is the most effective way to obtain it.

If you decide to change doctors, first check your plan’s list of “networked” providers. Get recommendations and find your new health plan with Insurance Shopping.