When you applied for Marketplace health coverage, you may have listed reduced household earnings than we could validate in our data sources. If this is the case, you must submit the proof of your income statements to the Marketplace agency to resolve the data matching issue. We need to authenticate your income so that you can maintain any assistance you receive with your Marketplace premium plans and cost-sharing.

You Must Submit the Income Documents By September 30

  • The deadline is near! You may receive a notification informing you that if you do not send your documents by September 30, 2021, your assistance with Marketplace payments such as deductibles, monthly premiums, coinsurance, or copayments might change or end.

Remember, you can submit your documents in the following ways:

  • Search your Marketplace State agency website and choose your current enrollment form. Click on the application form details, and the screen displays the list of any data matching issues (referred to as “inconsistencies” on the screen) in your form. Follow the steps for each inconsistency to submit the necessary documents to resolve the issue. Don’t use these characters in the name of the file you upload / : *? ” > |.
  • Please find out more about the documents we require and how to upload or send them before submitting your form.
  • Contact one of our community partners to get one-on-one assistance. They can assist you in determining which documents you require and help you upload them. Visit Insurance Shopping to get started.
  • If you have already uploaded or mailed income documents, we’ll notify you as soon as we’ve completed our review – we may still be matching your details. If you receive a letter from us requesting documents but believe you have already sent them or have queries, we are here to assist you. Contact our insurance agent or broker to get more details and answer your questions.

We understand how important it is for you and your household members to continue receiving Marketplace assistance, and it is also important to us. We will collaborate with you to ensure that we have everything we need to fix these issues.