Most people who did not have qualifying insurance coverage in 2021 must pay charges or apply for the “health coverage exemption.”

You might be eligible for the exemption if you have certain life events such as changes in household size, income, insurance coverage, or a member of specific groups. If you qualify, you are exempt from paying the additional charges.

You can use the new exemption tool available on your insurer company website to find the following things:

  • Exemptions that you may be eligible for
  • Details to assist you in deciding whether or not to apply
  • Detailed instructions on how to apply, along with tax forms

Find Out Exemptions

While the exemption tool provides a lot of helpful information, it cannot determine if you are eligible for a coverage exemption. It can only tell you if one of the insurance exemptions might work for you and how you can apply for it. You will claim your exemptions by completing Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 8965 and other forms when you file your insurance taxes.