If you have registered in a new plan and paid your first insurance coverage premium, congratulations! Your registration is complete.

If you didn’t pay your premium yet, don’t wait. Follow your insurer’s instructions on how and when to make your first month’s premium payment. Note your payment due date and be sure to submit your payment by that date—if you don’t, you could lose coverage.

After you have paid your premium, don’t forget to:

  • Check your member card and any other materials provided by your plan.
  • Review the 2021 provider directory for your program to decide who will provide your health services.
  • Contact your health plan with any concerns or if you didn’t receive your membership card.

Additional Tips For Marketplace Enrollment

Here are some more suggestions for your Marketplace enrollment:

  • You can check your health plan anytime. Search your insurer’s company website, where you can learn more about your registration and health plan benefits.
  • You have several rights and protections when you register in a health insurance plan through the Marketplace, such as the right to get information for insurance plans and emergency care.
  • If you contact your plan and they don’t show that you are enrolled, call them again in 2-3 days.  It might take some time for you to appear in their systems while updating the registration records.

If you need more information on health insurance plans, visit Insurance Shopping and check your options.