You can now sign up and change your Marketplace health insurance plan only if you experience specific life events such as losing health coverage, having a child, or getting married—that qualifies you for the SEP or Special Enrollment Period.

Life Changes That Make You Eligible For The Special Enrollment Period

There are primarily four types of events called “qualifying life events.” It includes:

  • Residence changes
  • Loss of health coverage
  • Household changes
  • Income changes that will impact your coverage options

How to apply with the Special Enrollment Period

  • If you realize that your life event entitles you to a Special Enrollment Period, begin an application process for insurance coverage through Insurance Shopping.
  • When you apply, you may be required to submit documents to prove the events that qualify you for SEP.
  • If you’re unsure, your life event counts; answer a few quick questions and check your eligibility via Insurance Shopping.

Find out more about getting 2021 Marketplace health insurance with the Special Enrollment Period.