Beginning November 15, you will be able to sign up or renew your Marketplace coverage for 2022. You can compare health plans based on benefits, costs, and other essential features when filling out the enrollment form. You will also learn if you are eligible for complimentary or low-cost insurance through CHIP (Child Health Insurance Program) and Medicaid.

If you qualify, Marketplace health insurance can assist you in finding an affordable coverage plan. Most applicants are eligible for premium tax credits and other funds based on their earnings.

Things to Do To Prepare for Marketplace Coverage

If you already have 2021 Marketplace coverage, you will get important information on how to continue your coverage for 2022. Here are a few things you can do instantly to prepare for November 15:

  • Get more information on important dates and deadlines for the Open Enrollment Period.
  • Download the Marketplace enrollment checklist available at your state’s agency website to gather the documents you will need to apply.
  • You can apply for Marketplace health insurance through Insurance Shopping. Contact our insurance agents to assist you with your application and answer your questions.
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