You might be eligible for SEP (Special Enrollment Period) if you or your family members have lost “qualifying health insurance” in the last 60 days (or expect to miss health insurance in the next 60 days). This suggests you might be able to sign up for the Marketplace coverage for the rest of 2021.

Coverage Plan Losses That Qualify You

If you have lost or will lose health insurance through any of these sources, you can apply for insurance coverage with the Special Enrollment Period:

  • Your work
  • Individual health insurance for a plan or policy purchased on your own.
  • CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) or Medicaid—both are government-funded health insurance programs for children’s health care
  • Medicare
  • Insurance coverage obtained through the family’s health plan

Remember: If you voluntarily dismiss your coverage plan, you won’t be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

How to Apply For Coverage Through Special Enrollment Period

Choose a plan and then submit your documents to Marketplace demonstrating the loss of insurance and the date it expires. You are required to select a program around 60 days after your health plan ends (or 60 days before the end of your health plan if you will lose coverage in the future). You need to submit your papers within 30 days of picking the health plan.

  • If you are new to Marketplace coverage, apply through our website and get enrolled now.
  • Already have an account? Check out Insurance Shopping and compare health insurance plans and their estimated prices.

Discover More About Special Enrollment Period

  • Loss of health insurance isn’t the only life event that allows you to register or switch plans outside the Open Enrollment.
  • See the complete list of life events that may qualify you for a SEP (Special Enrollment Period).
  • You can also answer a few quick questions to check your eligibility via Insurance Shopping.