A change in residence may entitle you to a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), allowing you to renew plans or register for the remainder of 2021. Your next step is based on if you relocated to a different state or stayed within the same region

Have You Relocated to A New State?

  • When you migrate to a new state, you cannot maintain your current health plan. Report the relocation to the Marketplace so that you can sign up for a new health plan without any delay in coverage. If you report the move as soon as possible, you will avoid spending on a program that does not work where you now live.
  • If you already have insurance coverage in 2021, follow your state company guidelines to update your enrollment form.
  • Nevertheless, if you are new to Marketplace coverage, you can apply for a health insurance plan through Insurance Shopping.

Did You Relocate Within The Same State?

  • Your savings and coverage options are unlikely to change merely because of your new address.
  • However, you should still report the change by following the steps mentioned above.

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