While the Marketplace insurance plan is essential and there is no alternate for living a healthy life. Staying healthy increases the likelihood that you will be there for your friends and family for many years to come. Use your health insurance plan in both conditions, either you are sick or well, to help you live a healthy and long life. Here are some things you can do to prioritize your health and well-being:

i) Take a proactive approach to your health

ii) Make time for exercise, healthy eating, sleep, and relaxation

iii) Follow a healthy lifestyle at your workplace, home, and in your community

iv) Get the recommended health screening tests and keep chronic conditions under control.

What is the significance of prevention?

Receiving recommended preventive services and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are critical steps towards good health and well-being. All Marketplace plans must include a set of preventive care services, such as screening tests and shots, without any out-of-pocket expenses.

Preventive care services include check-ups, patient counseling, and physical examinations. You can use these facilities to prevent diseases, illnesses, and other health conditions. You can also use preventive care services to diagnose illnesses at a preliminary phase when treatment is likely to be effective in the long term.