Do you need health insurance coverage for 2022? There is still time to sign up for a 2022 health plan that fits your needs and budget. Your coverage will begin on January 1, depending on when you register for the Marketplace plan. Open Enrollment Period ends on Wednesday, December 15.

Are you new to the Marketplace Coverage?

Here are three steps you can follow to enroll in a health insurance plan:

Already have Marketplace Coverage?

Many people who had coverage in 2021 were automatically enrolled in their current health plan or similar plans, ensuring that they had insurance coverage on January 1, 2022. Even if you were automatically registered, you can change health plans and check if you qualify for new or different assistance with costs until December 15.

Update or Renew your Enrollment Form

Follow these steps by December 15, 2021, to update your information or change your plans.

  • Browse your state’s company website and update your enrollment form. You may receive notification that you have been automatically registered using your 2021 plan details and selection. If you do, you will be covered in 2022.
  • Make changes to your enrollment form, if needed. Contact your insurance agent if you want to update any information on your current plan or need to change your previous health plan.

Get Your Coverage Now!

If you have not applied for any health insurance plan yet, visit Insurance Shopping and check your options. Your coverage will begin as soon as you get enrolled in your personalized health insurance plan.