It’s not too late to surprise your father with a thoughtful present. Let the fathers in your life know that Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program provide health insurance (CHIP).

Enrollment is available all year. Parents, children, and teenagers under the age of 19 may be eligible for free or low-cost coverage.

To discover if you qualify for Medicaid or CHIP right now, use our screening tool.

More adults are now eligible for Medicaid in many states than ever before, so if you were previously denied coverage, you could apply again. Once you’ve enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP, you can utilize your new coverage to get preventative care, medical visits, mental health treatment, hospital stays, prescription drugs, and other things.


Families’ advantages

Here are some examples of how health insurance benefits families:

  • You’ll be able to participate in child-focused activities like playing outside and attending school events more quickly if you have coverage.
  • Your insured children will be more likely to receive the preventative care they require if you have coverage.

So, if you know a father who needs health insurance for himself or his family, tell him about Medicaid and CHIP. Getting health insurance for his children is a gift that every father appreciates, and not just on Father’s Day. Why wait when enrollment is available all year?

Find out how to sign up for Medicaid and CHIP. You can also call us or go to the website of your state’s Medicaid organization.