Have you met Mr. Malik?

Mr. Malik is a 23-year-old bartender and server that works in the restaurant business.

Malik works on his feet throughout the day and, like millions of other Americans, does not have health coverage as he cannot afford it.

Can’t Pay for Insurance & Can’t Afford to Miss a Job

Malik told us about his experience:

“I hurt my foot quite badly and thought it was a minor fracture.” I can’t afford to miss work or walk on it, so I have just struggled through it.

If I had a health insurance plan, I might have gone to ensure that it wasn’t worse than I had assumed.

Without insurance coverage, a severe accident would completely turn my life upside down. It would presumably set me back for the rest of my life.

I believe the Marketplace program will assist me in reaching my objectives. It’ll just be a weight off my shoulders.

How the Marketplace Policies Helps Individuals Like Malik

Mr. Malik might find lower-cost Marketplace insurance plans, or he can apply for “catastrophic” health coverage available to people under 30.

In the Marketplace health insurance, 15 preventive care treatments will be available to maintain his health without out-of-pocket expenses. And, thanks to the health insurance law, he may be able to remain on his parents’ coverage until he turns 26.

He will be able to apply for insurance plans, compare programs, and register using his computer. Moreover, if he has any questions, he will get real-time assistance over the phone or through live webchat.

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Malik is excited to see his options and register in the Marketplace plan as soon as it’s available to him. Find how medical care services are changing in 214 words.

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