Medicaid or CHIP (Children Health Insurance Program) are joint federal and state program that offers health insurance to millions of Americans with limited household income and some individuals with impairments. These insurance programs provide complimentary or low-cost health care services that include doctor visits, hospitalizations, and prescription medicines. If you’re eligible for Medicaid and CHIP, your coverage will begin immediately at any time of the year.

Eligibility for Medicaid And CHIP

  • In each state, Medicaid and CHIP offer health insurance to parents, children, pregnant women, older adults with limited earnings, and people with specific disabilities.
  • In certain areas, the programs also support adults with wages below the specified income level. Children from households whose incomes are too high to be eligible for Medicaid may apply for the CHIP program.
  • Search Insurance Shopping and check your eligibility for Medicaid health care services based on your household income.

Apply for Medicaid and CHIP programs

  • You can get these plans through for Marketplace coverage . After putting in your details, send your enrollment form to this website. If you or anyone in your house get eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, they will contact you and inform you about your registration.
  • You can also apply for these healthcare benefits directly with your local health insurance agency. Talk to your insurance agent and get enrolled. Nevertheless, check out the insurance shopping if you have trouble working through these online portals.