You will be able to apply for and register in 2022 Marketplace coverage beginning November 1. When you submit the enrollment form to your insurance company, you can compare health plans based on costs, benefits, and other essential features. You’ll also learn if you’re eligible for complimentary or low-cost coverage through CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) and Medicaid.

So, check your eligibility for these insurance programs through Insurance Shopping. If you qualify, our licensed agents can assist you in finding affordable health coverage. Most applicants are also eligible for premium tax obligation credits and other savings based on their income.

If you already have 2021 Marketplace coverage, you will get information from your insurance agent on maintaining your current health plan for 2022 coverage.

Things You Can Do to Prepare For November 1

Below are some things you can do instantly to prepare for 2022 Marketplace health insurance.

  • Learn more about the open enrollment dates and deadlines for Marketplace coverage.
  • Use the document checklist provided by your company to collect the papers you will need to apply.
  • Find someone in your community to assist you with your request form and answer your questions.
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