If you are already enrolled in the Marketplace coverage, you can change your plan or apply for the first time during the 2021 SEP (Special Enrollment Period), which runs through August 15, 2021.

Are You Applying for the First Time?

  • Browse Insurance Shopping and fill out the enrollment form
  • When you apply for health coverage, you’ll learn if you’re eligible for a premium tax obligation credit, which reduces your monthly premium.
  • More applicants than ever before are qualified for financial assistance with medical care costs. Insurance premiums will be reduced as a result of these savings.

Do You Already Have Coverage but Want to Switch Plans?

  • Most people who are currently enrolled in a Marketplace plan may be eligible for additional tax credits.
  • Visit your state’s company web portal and update your information on application forms. Your new eligibility report will be available immediately, and it will include the additional tax credit amount. Then, revise your plan selection with the increased tax obligation credits.
  • Remember: If you choose a new plan, any out-of-pocket expenses you have paid for your current 2021 health plan won’t be added to your new deductible, even if you stick to the same insurance company. Consult your health insurance agency before switching coverage plans.

Learn more about the SEP (Special Enrollment Period) and the new savings opportunities.