To activate your health insurance plan for 2021, pay your first monthly premium directly to your insurance agency (not the Marketplace). Your health plan will not begin until you make a payment; thus, follow their instructions vigilantly. You might be able to make a payment online through your health government online portals.

Note: Continue to pay coverage premiums to your insurance company on time. If you are unable to make monthly payments, your coverage could be terminated.

How to Pay your Monthly Premium Payments

Follow these simple steps to pay online.

  • If your insurance agency does not accept online payments, they should have contacted you to discuss the next steps. Reach out to them without any delay if they haven’t approached.
  • If you’re not sure about your enrollment, check your online Marketplace account to find if your health insurance is active.
  • If you’ve known you are registered but have concerns about your coverage, check your health plan materials.

Find out how to complete your enrollment by paying your premium.