Congratulations on enrolling in a plan and paying your first month’s premium! Your registration is complete.

Don’t put it off if you haven’t paid it yet. Follow your insurer’s instructions on how and when to make your first insurance premium payment. Take careful note of the bill schedule date and send your deposit by that date. If you do not, you may lose your health insurance.

After you have paid your monthly premium, don’t forget to:

  • Examine your membership card and any other materials provided by your plan.
  • Review your plan’s 2021 provider’s directory to decide who will deliver your care.
  • Contact your plan if you have any concerns or if you did not receive a membership card.

Additional tips for your Marketplace enrollment process

Below are some more suggestions for your Marketplace enrollment:

  • You can check your coverage at any time. Visit your state’s agency website and select your enrollment application. On the My Coverage page, you’ll see a summary, where you can learn more about your enrollment and health plan benefits.
  • You have certain protections and rights when you register in health insurance through the Marketplace agency, such as the right to obtain plan details and emergency care.
  • If you contact your health plan and they do not show that you are enrolled, reach out to them again in 2-3 days. It might take a bit of time for you to appear in their system applications while updating Marketplace registration records.

Do you require assistance? Call +1 855-913-1570 to reach the insurance agent or brokers (TTY: 1-800-855-0511).