Suppose you or anyone in your family had a child or adopted a baby within the last 60 days. In that case, you might get approved for a SEP (Special Enrollment Period) to register or renew your Marketplace insurance coverage for the remainder of 2021.

How can we apply with the Special Enrollment Period?

  • Are you new to Marketplace coverage? You can get a personalized health insurance plan through Insurance Shopping.
  • Do you already have a Marketplace program? Review your previous health plan and make changes to your existing 2021 enrollment application.

When will the coverage begin?

When you register or change plans during a Special Enrollment Period (SEP), your new health plan can begin on the day your child is born or adopted, even if you apply for coverage up to 60 days later.

Be mindful: If you adopted a baby, you might be required to submit documents, such as adoption records or papers indicating the name of the child who became a dependent as well as the date they became one.

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