Summer is a popular time for people to relocate. Depending on whether you relocate to a different region, your move might impact your current health insurance coverage.

Moving to a new state

  • When you migrate to a different state, you cannot maintain your current insurance coverage.
  • Report your out-of-state relocation to the Marketplace as soon as possible. This way, you can switch plans without losing coverage, and you won’t be charged for a health plan that doesn’t apply in your new state.
  • When you relocate out of the country, you must start a new Marketplace enrollment application and sign up for coverage in your new state.
  • Where to register depends on whether your current state uses Insurance Shopping or has its website. Select your new region to get started on a new health insurance plan.

Moving within the same state

  • Your plan options and savings are unlikely to change as a result of your new address.
  • You should still upgrade your location on your enrollment form in case new savings and plans become available to you.
  • Visit your state’s agency website and see how to change your address online.

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