Now that you’ve signed up for health coverage for 2021, you’re probably wondering how to make the most of your new insurance plan. We are here to assist you even if you’ve enrolled.

Will my new insurance plan cover my prescriptions?

Specific prescriptions will be covered under your Marketplace plan. You might be able to purchase medications, but those on your programs’ list of covered drugs (formulary) are typically less expensive. Visit your health government online portals (or call them directly), and check your Summary of Benefits and Coverage to find the list of covered medicines.

How do I discover a doctor who accepts my insurance?

When you visit a physician who has a contract with your health plan, you will typically get the best deal on services. While you might be able to see providers who do not participate in your coverage, going to an “in-network” provider means reduced out-of-pocket costs. Learn how to locate a doctor who accepts your insurance.

How can I make the most of my new coverage to strengthen my health?

Now that you have health insurance learn what you can do to maintain your health and get the care you need by reading this article. You’ll find advice on how to schedule and prepare for an appointment here.