If you applied for 2021 Marketplace coverage during a Special Enrollment Period, you might be asked to provide documents and papers to confirm the life events that qualify you. You must submit them before you can use your health insurance.

You’ll find out if you need to provide any documents after you submit your enrollment application. It’s best to choose a health plan first and then send your documents. Typically, you have 30 days after selecting a health plan to submit your documents.

Documents and schedules for your life event

  • The documents you submit will vary depending on the event in your life.
  • Choose your life event to see what records you can upload and critical deadlines.

How to send documents

  • Submit the necessary documents as soon as possible after you’ve decided on a plan.
  • This will prevent a delay in the start of your health insurance coverage.
  • You can send them online or by mail via your state’s agency website.
  • After submitting them, you will receive a letter or notice in your email within a few weeks indicating if your Special Enrollment Period (SEP) has been confirmed.

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